Ventus Tower is the leading edge of architectural design and the first superstructure building in Cyprus. The vision is to create a flagship development meaning a significant, high profile development that can play an influential and catalytic role in urban regeneration. Its advantageous visible position at the most high mobility motorway of Limassol city, makes the tower one of the greatest assets for the enterprise which seeks establishment in Cyprus. The idea is motivated by the following key factors.



When it comes to society and human progress, thinking differently is the keystone of the evolution.


With a unique workplace environment and an unobstructed view, the tower is designed to trigger the imagination of its users.


Elegance is not a dispensable luxury but a determining factor for success.






Ventus Tower is designed with bold features to welcome and accommodate the office needs of a
prestigious company pursuing for establishment and promotion in Cyprus, the wider Mediterranean region and Europe. In exploration for the brand identity, the dynamic space character along with the aim for spatial flexibility and structural complexity are the key aspects that generated the stunning Ventus.


In recent years the area is transforming into a new commercial area of Limassol with unique features being crossed by the main motorway which unites the two large roundabouts of the city and is used as connection road of Paphos - Nicosia and Paphos - Larnaca cities. From the high-speed highway and frequency motion there is an unobstructed visual contact of the study area without influences from neighboring developments.


Through research and data interpretation, the parameters of the plot are responded to create a brand in the region. Therefore, is attempted to produce a landmark tower in contrast with the existing data conservatives, with a supra local character which makes it a reference point. The plot which is part of the building it is probably the only one large scale in the region that provides valuable synthetic potential as height growth office spaces which can accommodates up to 300 employees.


The proposal pursues reversal and activation of space through the data interpretation and requirements for the production of a highly original form. The study’s trigger is the changing dynamic activity of the motorway, together with analysis and interpretation of speed flow and movements relationship. The building manages the meaning between observer and visual field with differentiation from conventional geometric forms, unfolding special senses in the experience of space, creating a visual interactive communication with urban environment and passersby.


The tower is formatted and organized into 9 levels of 4550 m2 total growth, consisting of the basement which intends to function as parking and storage space, the ground floor as reception, control and information, the mezzanine, 5 levels of office facilities, and the sky deck including a unique open air meetings area, screenings and gathering with plenty background view of the city and the sea. All the mechanical installations and water tank are located in the basement level.


There are clear traffic flows within the project area, separating vehicles and pedestrians indirectly to the main entrance of the building. The form of the ground floor lobby functions as a central traffic distributor, separating and uniting the interior space with the exterior parking and landscaped green space that highlights the building, acting as a configurator between the building, visitors and motorway.


Each level is organized in order to provide full operational flexibility while the fluid shapes of the shell are allowing visual contact of the city of Limassol and panoramic views of the coastline, offering a unique spatial experience. Internally the levels are linked by an impressive atrium starting from the entry point at the lobby reception on the ground floor. The atrium makes the interior spaces) to an energetic character through visibility, transforming the workplace from a cold environment into an emotionally quality space.


The shell combined with the dynamic geometry of the form, highlights the flows produced during the association and conversation between site areas with its environment. The building has advanced synthetic shell design that ensures the optimum energy parameters, morphologically controlled shading in the orientation of geometry, natural ventilation and sound insulation in offices. Additionally, in the evening the appearance of dynamic flows emerge in the horizon by LED light strips hot purple color, gesture that particularly highlights the surrounding urban space.


The supporting structure is unique for the Cypriot facts, and can be characterized as very demanding superstructure. It consists of a large central column, a space-frame of reinforced concrete of 10 m height, regenerated from the basement to hold the ground floor’s roof level. That level of advanced reinforced concrete serves as aerial foundation zone for the remaining six steel construction floors. Particular attention is given in materiality, textures, the choice of colors and details completing a unique architecture which inspires the users. Internally, mounted raised floor and suspended ceilings especially for the ultimate flexibility of electrical lighting and ventilation systems, provide a proportional relationship with user requirements.


Morphological geometry is produced to provide natural ventilation and lighting, creating a single shading surface. On shell are discreetly applied perforation points in the depth of frames allowing the cold air circulation from the shady interior of the shell cooling the façade glazing keeping away the warm air of the summer season. Also, the insertion of the inner atrium allows natural ventilation bioclimatic relief of hot air from the offices. Moreover, is mechanically achieved the reduction and regulation of energy consumption through geothermal installation in the subsoil of the building.

  • Our team’s target is to concept, design and create pioneer developments that improve the cultural level of living and working.

    Manolis Georgiou - EXCEL iD / Developing Ideas
  • Through research and methodology, data and demands, we created an original dynamic form controlled by advanced digital design.

    Marinos Panagi - reARC / architects research core

extraordinary workplace environment

Cyprus is not only an attractive place to do business, but also a unique place to reside your daily. In addition, with 326 days of sunshine and its enviable lifestyle, the island is a popular destination for permanent residency. At the same time, a number of large-scale development projects, ranging from residential to commercial projects business.

Located in the cosmopolitan Limassol

The city’s sophisticated infrastructure, well equipped facilities, advanced telecommunications and IT services and safe environment all assist to create a favorable workplace for any international enterprise. Its convenient geographical position and the exquisite natural beauty and enviable climate make the Limassol region a welcoming choice.[Read more]

A financial and business hub

Cyprus has been commended for the stability of its tax law, the consistency in interpreting its tax legislation and its low tax rates. This accolade shows how the Cyprus tax system, combined with its first-rate infrastructure, highly skilled workforce and membership of the European Union has made Cyprus the international business hub it is today. [Read more]



Unique Value Proposition

What makes the Ventus different is the avantgarde design concept which denotes the leading enterprise's unique value. Ventus Tower is proposed to stand as a leader who inspires admiration, eye catching for anyone lives in or pass through the Limassol city. Being a workplace of 3000sq.m., more than 200 employers can work comfortable. Working in Ventus is an incredible everyday experience.
The 360 degrees unobstructed view of Limassol city and the Mediterranean sea, attracts the users to work more efficient and productive.

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